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Healing Hub

Namaste! Welcome to Light and Breezy, where expert healing and personal transformation become synonymous. I am Brheanna, or you can call Breezy, a shaman, intuitive medium, and seasoned healer specializing in sound, energy, and quantum healing. My professional path has been profoundly influenced by critical life events—a spiritual awakening in 2018 and a near-death experience in 2020—that have not only shaped my approach to healing but also reinforced my commitment to helping others in their own spiritual journeys. These experiences have endowed me with a unique perspective and expert skills in facilitating deep, transformative healing. At Light and Breezy, we offer sessions on inner child healing, shadow work, and reconnection with your higher self. Our approach is holistic. We integrate advanced healing modalities to address wellbeing’s physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to holistically empower individuals through healing practices. I guide my clients towards self-realization and improved wellbeing. By addressing the root causes of spiritual and emotional disturbances, we enable each individual to achieve personal harmony and a deeper connection with their inner self.

Vision Statement

I aspire to create a global community where individuals are fully empowered to confidently navigate their spiritual paths. So, let’s inspire lasting change in the lives of those we serve.


I believe that true healing occurs when the mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. We aim to promote a sustainable return to balance through the power of nurturing environments. We must catalyze recovery and growth in a space that respects, supports, and uplifts all who enter.

Activate Your Inner Wisdom Now!

Reclaim the sage that resides within you through our specialized healing sessions. Begin to live with greater purpose and clarity already!