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Biofield Healing $79.00 AN HOUR (IN PERSON ONLY)

Adjust and optimize the human energy field (aura) surrounding your body. By cleansing and strengthening your biofield, we address energetic imbalances and blockages, fostering better health.

Process: We employ a variety of techniques to rejuvenate your energy system. This includes electromagnetic field balancing, hands-on energy manipulation, and the resonant use of Tuning Forks.

  1. The tuning forks are calibrated to clear energetic blockages and harmonize your body’s vibrations for smooth energy flow.
  2. The tuning forks are also used in DNA activations, where they resonate at frequencies that help synchronize DNA structures. It revives dormant abilities and enhances the cellular communication.


  • Boosted Immune System Effectiveness
  • Faster Recovery from Physical Ailments
  • Reduced Emotional Volatility
  • Greater Overall Vitality.
  • Activates DNA Potential for Improved Vitality
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