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DNA Activations (SALE PRICE $75.00)

Let us awaken the dormant genetic sequences within your DNA to expose previously inaccessible abilities and insights. Utilizing advanced energetic techniques guided by precise intuitive insights, we aim to enhance your cognitive, emotional, and physical capacities.

Process: Sessions include an initial assessment of your energetic field, followed by targeted activation. We use vibrational, light energy techniques and tuning forks to activate dormant DNA strands and experience profound shifts in your physical and energetic body.


  • Enhanced Mental Acuity
  • Improved Physical Health
  • Heightened Spiritual Awareness
  • Acceleration of Personal Evolution
  • Faster Recovery From Physical Ailments
  • Boosted Immune System


  • DNA 12 strand activation
  • Code 1-4 strand bonus absolute AH Guilt removal, highest priority sacred codes and DNA blockage removal
  • Code 5-8 strand bonus sacred wisdom restoration and fear removal emerald transmutation of victimization into courage codes. (Prerequisite code 1-4)
  • Code 9-12 (prerequisite 1-8)
  • Mother Mary matrix 144 DNA STRAND activation
  • Metatron’s DNA activation
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