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1) What can I expect during a DNA Activation session, and how long does it take to notice the effects?

During a DNA Activation session, you’ll experience a combination of guided visualization and energy work aimed at awakening dormant genetic potentials. The effects can vary; some clients report feeling immediate changes, while for others, the benefits unfold over several weeks or months as they integrate these new energies.

2) How does Reiki differ when performed remotely compared to in person?

Remote Reiki uses the principle of quantum entanglement to facilitate healing, meaning the energy can be sent across any distance and is just as effective as in-person sessions. The main difference is the physical presence of the practitioner, which some clients prefer for a more hands-on experience.

3) What are the specific signs that indicate a need for a Chakra and Aura Scan?

Signs that you might benefit from a Chakra and Aura Scan include feelings of being energetically unbalanced, persistent physical or emotional ailments, or a general sense of malaise and disconnection from yourself.

4) Could you explain the process of a Full Chakra Realignment and how often one should undergo this treatment?

A Full Chakra Realignment involves assessing and adjusting your chakras using energy healing techniques to ensure they are functioning optimally. The frequency of treatment varies but is generally recommended every few months or as needed based on life events and personal well-being.

5) What insights can I expect from a Tarot and Oracle Reading, and how can these help me in my daily life?

Tarot and Oracle Readings provide insights into your current life situations, potential future outcomes, and guide you in decision-making. They can offer clarity and reassurance on personal or professional matters, helping you navigate challenges with greater confidence.

6) What are the benefits of attending a Group Sound Bath, and how should I prepare for my first session?

Benefits include deep relaxation, reduced stress, and a heightened sense of well-being. To prepare, wear comfortable clothing, keep a yoga mat or blanket for comfort, and be ready to experience collective healing as we come to your doorstep, be it a corporate gathering or a bachelaorrate party.

7) In Biofield Healing, how do you detect and address energetic blockages?

Biofield Healing involves scanning the body’s energy field using intuitive and instrument-assisted techniques, using tunic forks for instance. Once detected, blockages are addressed through a combination of energy manipulation, including DNA activation, to restore balance.

8) What kind of improvements can I expect in my daily life after a J Seal Removal session?

After a J Seal Removal, clients often experience enhanced clarity in their life’s purpose, relief from chronic physical or emotional pain, improved energy levels, and an overall increase in spiritual connectivity and freedom.